Gunna Delivers “Wunna” Video

Gunna Wunna video

Gunna Drops Off “Wunna” Video Leading Into New Album

Gunna is mashing the gas pedal as the days are coming closer to releasing the new album in which the YSL rapper drops “Wunna” video.

Looking to shoot to the top with this second studio album and applying much pressure while creating anticipation for the fans who have been waiting.

In the new visual he shows us how he’s living along side the crew and always having some pretty young ladies within the atmosphere keeping balance among each other. This follows up the small documentary that dropped the same time as the audio.

Check out lyrics below

Pop it (Pop it)
I been sippin’ Akorn, rich nigga, I’m A1
AP blacker than Akon (Uh), baby butter pecan (Uh)
Billionaire, I want a refund (Uh)
Breakin’ her back ’til I see the sun

I fucked the bitch on the jet (Jet)
Cuban baguette on her neck (Her neck)
She only call me for sex (Sex)
Speed in the ‘Vette (Speed in the ‘Vette)
I still got my foot on they neck, uh (They neck)
Gunna put ’em to rest (To rest)
I used to trap at the Exxon (Exxon)
For the slum, gotta keep you a gun