Snoop Dogg Talks About How Biggie Felt About Tupac’s Death

Fatman Scoop Snoop Dogg

Fatman Scoop Chops It Up With Snoop Dogg

This week world reknown Dj Fatman Scoop knocked down his latest with the west coast legend Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg speaks on various topics especially when the east and west coast beef came into play which wasn’t to really take place at all according to him. The record “Ny Ny” wasn’t suppose to be a diss record yet things turned out different. Also talks about the conversation he had with Biggie about Tupac’s death and how it shook him up tremendously.

Snoop and Fatman Scoop dives into talks about police brutality and racism in this country. Even talks about DMX being the spark in hip-hop at the level of Tupac.