Elyanna Knocks Down The Debut Record “Oululee Leh”

Elyanna Oululee Leh

Elyanna Brings Energy In New Single

Elian Marjiya, professionally known as Elyanna, has been slowly building for this moment. The 17-y/o singer was first discovered for her covers on YouTube and steady growth on her Instagram page – garnering over 200,000 followers in just one year – with no music out on DSPs.

Today she arrives with her debut single “Oululee Leh.” Translating in English to “Tell Me Why,” Oululee Leh is an adolescent recognition of feeling lost and lonely in an unforgiving world. Elyanna touches on feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied with the world around her but acknowledges that her youthful energy allows her to power through adversity and shun negativity.