Listen To dvsn “Between Us” Featuring Snoh Aalegra

DVSN delivers “Between Us” As Latest Single

DVSN has been setting up for a smooth run within the 2020 year by adding a new chapter in their musical career by looking at releasing the upcoming album “A Muse In Her Feelings” in the month of April.

The duo take matters up a notch by taking a piece of Usher’s single “Nice and Slow” and giving something fresh for the new generation in “Between Us” featuring the one and only Snoh Aalegra.

The new single follows up the first track to make way in “A Muse” which was delivered last month. Check out the new song below and lyrics

Read dvsn “Between Us” lyrics :

Whatcha doin’?
You know I’m comin’ over, right?
Ayy, baby, tell me whatcha wanna do

Let me start by sayin’ sorry
Some days I take your time for granted
You could be the star in my universe
If I just took time to plan it
Told me secrets you ain’t wanna
Trust is big for you, that’s why I’m keeping it a hunna
Crazy vulnerable shit in common
Just keeps us apart when we should be starting
To keep our promises, we could be promisin’
You say I’m closed off
Let’s open up and take our clothes off

I don’t want nothing in between us
Nothing there to stop the feeling
I don’t want nothing in between us
Got me thinking this might be love
Oh, oh
Oh yeah