Listen To Dj Raw B New Album “Uncorrupted”

Dj Raw B Uncorrupted

The talented Dj Raw B puts on quite heavy rising up out of the Bay Area, emerging with the brand new 16 track album “Uncorrupted”.

Noted for a plethora of accomplishments through out his illustrious career since the 90’s, he shines and shows out with this album. Taking the skills of working with L-Roneous and Gennessee in the group Double Life, Raw B makes light work delivering the rhymes in which possession true hip hop. Gaining assists from Emcee Infinite, Luke Sick, Z-Man, Dan Wolf and Curtis Spicoli.

Album also highlights 5 instrumentals in which appear as the original songs for those who make take liking of rhyming over his productions.

Stream the new album below and check out his Bandcamp as well.