Dax Returns As The “Joker” In Video

Dax Joker

Watch Dax Deliver A Strong Message In “Joker” Video

One thing many will point out to say about Dax is that he’s always forth coming on talking about situations that affect many people on a daily basis. This time around the Ottawa rapper takes a stronghold of waking the masses up on how much cyber bullying if not bullying alone causes people to attempt suicide in the “Joker” video.

Last year, the Joaquin Phoenix starred role in “Joker” wasn’t your normal DC comic movie yet it opened up on how being bullied turned him into a monster. Dax recreates various scenes during this quarantine phase painting the picture quite clearly of transitions happening in one’s world that the outside world can’t understand.

Check out Dax “Joker” lyrics below :


But I think you know that already

You call me EVIL but how would you know it unless you LIVE it already

You think you’re better right? / Because nobodies seen what you’ve done in the dark but if I put your life in this light you would crumble and fight to survive or die but bitch I fucking knew that already/ I eint SPECIAL, But I SPECALize in making you feel eSEPCIALly stupid for judging a human while you sit at home and whole world judge can’t watch what you doing or follow and hate all your movements I eint complaining but I know the people who do it are sicker than me and i’m sick enough I might just lose it / YA You think know me cuz you double tap on picture I hate the fact that you judge me it’s driving me crazy so when it’s to deep I say fuck it and drown in some liquor