Dax Elevates “Black Lives Matter” As Latest Video

Dax Black Lives Matter

Dax is back again to wake up the masses in “Black Lives Matter” video

With the current state of America still broken after witnessing the death of George Floyd and other African-Americans through out the country, the protests widespread in various cities, Dax takes matters to another level in elevating unity while making people be aware that “Black Lives Matter” as the latest visual.

Dax exhausts lyrics to match the content in the video showing how America has been looking for over a good week and a half. Showing police brutality, people expressing themselves vocally about racism and social injustice and a plethora of signs demonstrating the significant three word phrase being “Black Lives Matter”.

With such a positive impact from the video it follows behind another situation in which also storms this country of cyberbulling and suicide in “Joker” and his freestyle version of “Vibez“.

Check out Dax lyrics to “Black Lives Matter” below :

I can’t breathe I can’t breathe ay ya I can’t breathe /This a (r)evolution (i)n (o)ur (t)ime everybody’s fighting change coming, YES! that’s why it’s an acronym for riot Everybody has a voice don’t you dare stay silent if you say nothing you are an accessory to violence let these words dry the tears of my people who are crying we can bring back hope but not people that are dying This is what happens when the people you’ve oppressed ask for change in a country that they built but you ignored and deny it This for Sandra Bland, George Floyd, and every single family police brutality has intervened in and destroyed couple bad cop couple can’t define all you other boys so every good COP needs to stand up and make noise Black, white, asain doesn’t matter cause we can’t avoid so let’s all come together join hands and yes get annoyed at people who believe racism makes sense in a country built off minority slave work employed