Danileigh Connects With DaBaby On “Levi High”

DaniLeigh Levi High

DaniLeigh and DaBaby Take Off With The Bag In “Levi High”

DaniLeigh steps up to the plate swinging for the fences by tagging DaBaby in the new song and visual for “Levi High”.

The talented singer and dancer is paving her own lane as the queen in the visual as these two are on the money heist. Currently she just dropped Cravin along side G-Eazy and looks to continue the push since delivering “My Present” EP.

As for DaBaby looking to drop new music in due time but gaining more momentum being featured through out the industry.

Check out DaniLeigh “Levi High” lyrics below:

Levi high jeans, sittin’ right, keep that ass up
Instagram flex, basic hoes gettin’ gassed up
Niggas in my face, boy bye, nigga back up
I’m a city girl, it’s only right that I act up
Yeah, hmm, it’s the way I act up
Drink my water and my fruits, so everything be snatched up
Gettin’ rich for dummies, you should really get your cash up
Ask me if I give a fuck, I wouldn’t give my last fuck

[Verse 1: DaBaby]
Let’s call this a blue check, I just pulled with my new fling (Yeah)
She love to call me bae, gotta up the net, like why you do that? (Let’s go)
I know how to make niggas mad, we hop out the swag
Bitch I got the bag
She got on them jeans that sit high on the waist
I could throw a bag for it, when I’m grabbin’ her ass
Yeah you know how I do, I done found a new bae
My new boo take like two or three showers a day
I’m still cool if I lose all my followers today
‘Fore I knew about music, I found me a plate
I told her to sneak my lil’ gun in the club
Flirt with the security, I like you bae
You got them