Chris Webby Taps Pete Davidson For “Who Am I”

Chris Webby Who Am I

Chris Webby Shows Up With “Who Am I”

Chris Webby returns with a new track for the current Webby Wednesday takeover with the brand new track “Who Am I” featuring Pete Davidson.

Webby shows more confidence than cockiness on the JP On Da Track, Nox Beatz and RBNSN collaborated produced track. Having such longevity in the hip hop game, it shows especially how its so easy to cop a new Range Rover fresh off the lot. Many tend to overlook the emcee due to not being center stage in the mainstream hip hop world yet still commands attention regardless.

“Who Am I” gets an assist from Pete Davidson, also unleashing the pure energy of confidence on the track.

Webby has delivered tracks to show the emergence back from the trenches with Quarantine and Ganja Man featuring B-Real, Smoke DZA and Alandon. Definitely expect the Connecticut rapper to continue the push on Wednesdays with new music and videos.

Check Chris Webby “Who Am I” Lyrics below :

Who am I? I’m the man
They ain’t fuckin’ with my vibe
Who am I? In demand
I’m the one with the supply
Who am I? Stick em up
Put your hands up in the sky
Put ’em high, put your hands up in the sky
Tell ’em why

Just went and got me a Range (skrr)
I bought the homies a chain (yuh)
Just took a weekend in Maine (yuh)
I got no need complain (ooh)
Yeah, I’m so far on a wave that when I wave
They can’t see me ’cause I’m too far away
Need binoculars, like you watchin’ birds
Got exotic birds where I lay
One of em Venezuelan (yuh)
With a couple bisexual Asians (yuh)
Who always be kissin’ each other
While both of ’em givin’ me head in my basement
Got ’em all stuck in the web
Bitch, I’m the butter and bread
Monster from under the bed (boo)
Fuck what they said
Foot on the gas and I’m running the reds
So I’m here to tell ’em why
I’m an enterprise, fully energized (yah, yah)
Who am I? I’m that guy
I’m the burger with the fries (yah, yah)
I’m the product and supplier
I’m the label and the writer
They gone hang my jersey up when I retire, yeah