Chris Webby Comes With The “Story Of My Life” Featuring Millyz and Xander

Chris Webby Returns With “Story Of My Life”

Chris Webby pushes through for another Webby Wednesday takeover by linking with Millyz and Xander for the new track “Story Of My Life”.

Webby reminisces on the many days of trying to escape reality with taking down substances to elevate and feel better. Same for Millyz who chimes in on the second verse rhyming about waking up mentally after checking out but checks back in once thinking about friends who didn’t make due to having too much fun.

Since the Quarantine kicked in weeks ago, the CT rapper hasn’t missed a beat with dropping records such as Ganja Man plus Who I Am.

Stream “Story Of My Life” below and peep Webby’s verse

I’ve had a lot of long nights
Marijuana in the pipe
With a couple pills and a bottle I like, ay
That shit was the story of my life
And I’ve had this shit tied to me like a ball and chain
And I’m drawn to it like a moth and flame
Anytime that I thought I changed
Then that devil gon’ pop up and call my name
Leveled up and I bought a Range
Put some black diamonds on the chain
Got my life together but whenever I look in the mirror
It’s never been clearer that some shit is all the same
You see my name in the Hall of Fame of fuck-ups
Who fucked up from getting too fucked up
From living too tough luck since I was a young buck
I got it the fuck together, but still ain’t been drug free

For more than a week since ’03