Blanco Balling Showcases What It Means to Be Relentless With Debut Ep, “King of the Underground”

“King of the Underground” perfectly describes Blanco Balling, an artist who is sure to break through the Underground to the mainstream. Never letting go of his roots, Blanco Balling’s debut solo EP “King of the Underground” speaks on his motivation to continue hustling and grinding even when the odds were stacked against him. Although he found his passion for music at the age of 12, life happened and Balling was faced with a prison sentence that cost him deportation to a country he barely knew. However, Balling found the strength to continue pursuing his career in music, despite what he was being faced with.

“I want listeners to know that you can pretty much do whatever you want in life. No matter the obstacles or setbacks. This EP is a demonstration of a relentless soul” -Blanco Balling

His story of struggle and perseverance is something that makes Blanco Balling stand out from the rest as an individual but musically will be something that many can relate to. Records such as “Beef” detail personal experiences that made him realize that he does not need negativity to fuel his career that where he’s at is exactly where he needs to be.

Listeners can enjoy Blanco Balling’s “King of the Underground” EP out now on all streaming platforms. Be sure to connect with him on social media @blancoballing for all updates.