Big Sean Releases First Single “Deep Reverence” With Nipsey Hussle

Big Sean Detroit 2

Big Sean Held “Deep Reverence” With Nipsey Hussle In The Vault

With the big news of the day in the music world from Big Sean announcing the upcoming album “Detroit 2” was completed and given a release date on September 4th. Sean went forward on replying to a tweet from a fan on the Nipsey Hussle feature. From that point of the tweet, the promise was fulfilled to give the hip hop world the new song “Deep Reverence” with the late Nipsey Hussle and produced by platinum super producer, Hit-Boy.

As the song opens with Nipsey laying down the bricks for the track of being a “street legend where the block loves him with deep reverence” and elevates even more with his lyrics setting the tone and the true connection between he and the streets plus with the Sean.

Big Sean then runs it up with that applied pressure on him like it’s game 7 taking the track up an entire level, which we have been waiting to hear for some time. Tapping into reason for meditating and getting his personal life straight, fighting anxiety and thoughts of suicide, bad communication taking place amongst his peers in the industry. Even speaking on losing a child as well within the mix of things that occurred in his walk of life.

At the end of the record there is a cut from an interview of Nipsey speaking on doing music with Payroll Giovanni, Tee Grizzley and Big Sean, basically connecting the pipeline from Detroit to L.A. in hip hop.