Benny The Butcher Drops “Did I”

Benny The Butcher Did I

Benny The Butcher Returns On The Solo Move With “Did I”

Benny The Butcher as seen a share of success along side his team Griselda last year leading up to the sonic boom into 2020. Now back on a mission capturing the fans by delivering the 808 Mafia and Black Metaphor produced track “Did I”.

One thing Benny points out is the memories of hustling more than enough to survive to reach a new level within his raps now. Piercing the track bar for bar with story telling be top notch in this song.

Stream “Did I” below:

Peep the lyrics here:

I bought my daughters flights to Cali just to keep ’em out the cold
You sell dope to feed your family they go’’ treat you like you stole
I took voluntary trips I was proud of every brick (I was)
For my niggas fightin’ them cases droppin’ commissary slips
Remember I hustled reckless hundred bundles in a simple stash (A simple stash)
‘Cause I aim to strip your bags to look middle class (I’m hungry)
I took a chance had a plug on my hands
And maybe if you was dealt that circumstance then you would too (Uh huh)
Never heard so many lies from so many rappers (Y’all niggas lyin’)
I’m talkin’ dope I’m really baggin’ on Jimmy Fallon
Drop and still light the streets up if nothing sell
She go down to top me off and put creases in her Chanels (Ah)