ASICS GEL Come With Fujitrabuco 7

ASICS GEL Fujitrabuco 7

Owing thanks to Chemist Creations for arguably thrusting it into the spotlight, the ASICS GEL-Fujitrabuco 7 is slowly becoming one of the most popular silhouettes out of the Japanese brand’s trail-focused runners, pushing design not too unlike that of Kiko Kostadinov’s own muses with performance enhancements adopting utility in spades.

While the fashion community itself and the C2H4 sub-label’s fans have surely proven their own adoration, it seems even ASICS themselves are having a bit of fun as they recently put the model in the hands of institution BEAMS and are now set to scale up its enduring Gore-Tex outfit. Colors are vibrant in all regards despite only adopting two statement tones. a bright, electric blue sees to much of the core upper’s accent marks while black intermingles sparsely at the heel counter, midsole, and tiger stripes for noteworthy contrast.

At the branding as well as the divots of the eye stays lies a bright, neon orange, one that adds compliment without overstaying its welcome. Grab a detailed look at this weather-resistant offering right here and find it slowly rolling out to select retailers right now.