Ann Marie – My Body (Video)

Ann Marie My Body

Ann Marie Gets Sensual In “My Body” Video

Ann Marie is living the best life possible right now as she climbs the side of the mountain excelling in the R&B world. The Chicago singer shows off in the brand new video “My Body“.

Bringing forth another visual this time directed by Damien Sandoval down in Miami, living that yacht life and showing that melanin skin as her vocals take flight in a seductive way for the mind.

“My Body” appears on the latest “Pretty Psycho” EP and follows up after Throw It Back video as well.

Check out the lyrics below and watch Ann Marie “My Body” above

No lie, those eyes You giving me fuck me vibes When I arrive You gone get it all tonight For we fuck you gotta eat it up Want you to beat it up, oh baby When we fuck boy ima fuck it up You get it wet as fuck I know it’s wet enough Know it’s wrong but it feels so right Oh, when we’re alone we don’t never act right Cause when you’re around I can’t control my body When you’re touching me I get excited I make it nasty when we fuck And I ain’t tryna fall in love But when we’re alone I can’t control my body, oh Give it to me in the worst way Baby I got something you can sip if you’re thirsty Have you thinking bout it all day You be reminiscing bout my body baby Trying hard but we can’t fight it We both know we wan’t it It’s getting deep and I know you like it Tired of tryna hide it