Aaria Drops “Thug Love” Video Featuring Trouble

Rising singer-songwriter Aaria is sure to become a household name upon the release of her much-awaited debut single, “Thug Love.” The record finds the R&B songstress celebrating love and the fiery passion that enveloped those relationships.

Directed by Randy Thomas, the visual finds Aaria giving a new definition to the term thug love. Throughout the cut, she can be seen counting money with her respective partner, played by prominent Atlanta rapper Trouble, as they cruise in a bright orange drop-top.

“’Thug Love’ is a really special record to me. Not only because it’s my first release, but it’s real. I wanted to sing about something real to me, something I actually connected with and knew others would too,” Aaria states about the record. “I’m very selective with men and not easily impressed. I don’t care how big your bag is, or what you say you can do for me; You gotta come with more than that. I’m looking for that trustworthy, humorous, understanding, genuine man. That THUG love.“

Watch “Thug Love” above.