Tyga feat. G-Eazy and Rich The Kid – Girls Have Fun (Video)

Tyga Girls Have Fun

Tyga Debuts Girls Have Fun Video

Living his best life and showing it, Tyga pushes through with ‘Girls Have Fun” video straight from a resort.

Talk about being in heaven with beautiful women of all types along side Rich The Kid and G-Eazy. From start to finish over the Dj Snake produced track, the west coast rapper lines it up with having women stick out their tongue and live it up.

Tyga is out to score another splash on the Billboard charts as already done so with “Taste” and videos such as “Floss In The Bank” and “Dip”. As for Rich The Kid, he’s working on delivering a new album on the way and tours. Same as for G-Eazy coming off a strong 2018. Check out the brand new video below and check out the lyrics :


Stick out ya tongue (Ayy, ayy, ayy), girls wanna have fun (Ayy)
Stick out ya tongue (Ayy, ayy), can a nigga have some? (Ayy)
Stick out ya tongue, girls wanna have fun (Yeah)
It’s ya birthday, can a nigga get you somethin’? (Ayy)I’m the cream of the crop, and I know you want some (Yeah)
Nigga, yeah, I did it, and it can’t be undone (Yeah)
Hunnids on my lap, and she want a lump sum (Woah)
Bahama Mama, and she mix it with the rum (Yeah, ayy)
Westside nigga, so the beat thump (Bow, ayy)
Break the weed down to a tree stump
Tell her get up out my face, go be someone (Go, go)
And I need my respect, that’s just how I’m comin’ (Straight up)
I been grown with the money since Young Money (Young Money)
And these bitches want it all, can’t get none from me (None from me, ayy)
Baby, hello, make it wiggle like jello (Ayy)
I like ’em yellow, thick black and ghetto (Ayy)