Trevor Jackson – Warning (Video)

Trevor Jackson Warning

Trevor Jackson Won’t Be Denied In “Warning”

Trevor Jackson surfaces to the light delivering “Warning” video.

Yes, the Grown-ish superstar shows up with a few females and fellas in a restaurant touching on a big topic of racial profiling in the America. They all were famished from rounds of golf and just wanted to dine in the fancy establishment.

As they being seated by another Grown-ish actor in Deon Cole, who is very skeptical of the young group. Walking by the patrons many of them are so shocked to see them to the point one lady dropped her fork just over the view.

The video progresses with various scenes of the young group having a blast in there creating their own party and all in the people’s faces while they eat. Yet the twist is how many view young Black Americans from what they believe and think versus actually seeing.

Trevor is setting it all up as the new project “Rough Drafts Part 2” is on the way. Take a moment to also check out his remix of “Boys Need Love 2