Trevor Jackson – Puddles (Video)

Trevor Jackson Puddles

Watch Trevor Jackson New Video “Puddles”

R&B sensation Trevor Jackson takes to the ocean front for the brand new video “Puddles“.

Jackson is truly gearing up for the brand new album Rough Drafts Pt.2 , looking to capitalize off a successful album debut from Rough Drafts Pt1. Earlier this year, he released “How That Sound” then excelling his feelings over Summer Walker’s “Girls Need Love” into his own rendition of “Boys Need Love 2” remix which pushed his favor over the top with many fans. And not forget the message sent within “Warning” waking up the masses as well.

In this video “Puddles”, Trevor takes peaceful water filled scenes from the ocean to singing in the rain of the things to will occur within the bed room. Something R&B is missing currently and so much being provided by the Grown-ish actor. Within the rain, Jackson shows off the guitar skills in such of a showing as one great artist known as Prince.

Check out the new visual above preparing yourself for the new album to be delivered plus the lyrics below.

[Verse 1]
We done made it back to the room, girl, let’s get naked
Hop up in the shower, I wanna taste it
Been holdin’ back all night, so I wanna just come out and say it
I’m gonna stay inside, but girl, I swear if it starts rainin’

I’ma be playin’ in puddles, puddles
I left my rain boots on ’cause I’m jumpin’ in puddles, puddles
Screamin’ like a siren so if you put out that fire, oh
Puddles, oh, oh, oh, puddles
You just get naked
Puddles, puddles
Now we gotta change the sheets ‘fore we cuddle

I’m singing in the rain
Just dancin’ to the noise you’re makin’
I just love when we make love
This here ain’t somethin’ that I could make up
Candy-coated raindrops, oh
That’s how you taste to me, oh, girl
You ain’t gotta hide your face, oh
Want you to see me while I’m sippin’ on…