Tink – Different (Video)

Tink Different

Tink Sees A Lot Of Change In “Different”

Tink flourishes with the brand new video “Different” coming off the new project “Voicemails“. Taking a new approach, the Chi-town artist shows off the singing skills acquired with the gift of rapping as well.

In the new visual, she opens up and points out all the significant attitude changes, and how the love is all so different from the beginning. Watch the brand new video from Tink “Different“.


You wasn’t there when I was alone (alone)
Say that you care, when really you don’t
It’s all in your actions, none of my fault
‘Cause I ain’t the kind you put to the side whenever you want
There must be something to hide
Feel like when you’re on my line
There’s someone around and stay in the cut, ooh oh
So do me a favor, show me the paper
I’m not in the mood to cry anymore
That ain’t the vibe that I’m going for
Thought you were cool
All of it’s fake (yeah)
Told you before that money and girls ain’t never replaced
All that I gave you
All that I am
You’re just a boy, who can’t be a manYou’re spending time away all night (all night)
I need you here on my side
You said you’d be around for life
You don’t even call my name