Snow Tha Product – Bilingue (Video)

Snow Tha Product Bilingue

Snow Tha Product Shows Out In Bilingue

Snow The Product slides through delivering “Bilingue” video prior to the upcoming album dropping March 22.

As of lately the Mexican female rapper has been blazing it up with visuals, showing out the flip of lyrics from English to Spanish. Here in the colorful video shot by Woke Productions, bars were given hands down excelling her brand to another level in which not many female rappers can do or is showing right now in the game as she put down also on Sway In The Morning show a month ago.

Bilingue” follows up the crazy video GasLight which also appears on the new album as well. Check out the crazy lyrics below

Snow White

I really cannot wrap my head around the fact it’s
Taken me this long to finally realize I’m fantastic
I used to write my little raps
They’d always look right past it
Like it’s average
Like I’m not who the fuck I am
Like bitch, what’s happenin’? (What’s happenin’?)
Porque yo tengo el “Yo no sé quoi”, ah
Flow que mata, ah
“El que dirá”, a mí me vale, critica
Yo soy la fuckin’ mexicana (Ah)
Muy honesta la chava (¡Juh!)
Yo no ando con pendejadas
Aquí rifan las barras (Crash, crash)
A mí me dijo mi madre (Ja, ja)
Que yo nunca me raje
Que no hable el que no sabe
Nosotros somos de calle
Hasta en mi territorio yo traigo llave y se abre
Lo que quiero yo tengo (Ja)
Ah, punto y aparte
Plus I got a bitch in my DM’s
Talkin’ ’bout where her man, did I see him?
Talkin’ ’bout he comment pics that I be in
I just tell my friends y se ríen
Bitch, I “Jaja” con jota
“Hahaha” with the ‘J’
I speak English and Spanish
I’m bi-lingual all day
Fuck Trump
Wait, oops that, slipped out
Man, I never know who’s in this crowd
Need a prayer and a crucifix now
Never really know who shoot this bitch down
Ni de aquí ni de allá
A mí me gustan los dos
Mucha crema a tus tacos
Y se te quema el arroz