Shy Glizzy – Volcano (Video)

Shy Glizzy Volcano

Shy Glizzy Debuts The New Visual “Volcano”

Shy Glizzy debuts the brand new visual for the single “Volcano” being the newest single for the year.

The D.C. rapper takes time away from the country and lands in Costa Rica, standing in the area of the jungle and mountain landscape within the rear. Looking to make a strong comeback with new music since having down time to redefine the moves and also learn how to direct his own videos now such as this one.

Glizzy is out applying pressure on other rappers as we can tell with the different flows across the beat. Watch the new visual from Shy Glizzy “Volcano”.

Check out some of the lyrics below as well.

Geraldo Live on the track
Young Jefe, holmes

[Verse 1]
Okay, shout out to them robbers and them motherfuckin’ shooters
I come from the bottom like the motherfuckin’ sewer
Baby, I’m a rapper slash entrepeneur
I break a bitch down then act like I never knew here
At least you don’t feel this pain, shawty, you gon’ be okay
I put it on everything, I just lost a hundred K
Gotta make another hundred, flip that shit a hundred ways
Bitch, this that AR got a hundred, you don’t wanna see it spray
You tryna get tossed, girl, that’s your caution
Like my drawers, they Hugo Boss
Fuck a hater, bitch, we ball
Middle fingers to all of y’all
Nigga, you want some beef or nah?
That ain’t my dawg but I keep the dog
When I unleash the dog I come through like Steve Seagal
Come through like Steve Seagal, stay popped like Beanie Sigel
Crack baby, scared of needles
Bitch from Philly fly like an eagle
Your bitch ain’t scared to leave you
No, she never said she need you
She told me, “Go ‘head, shoot your shot, nigga, I ain’t scared to D you”
Roof, I’m a wolf, bitch, I’m runnin’ with the pack
Run off with the pack, your hands get chopped off with an axe
Ridin’ in the Maybach and you know I’m laid back
You ain’t seen no shit like this since way, way back
1942, you know what we be on
But when I’m over at Diddy’s house, then we drink DeLeon
Sound like a tiger roaring when I turn my engine on
You and your bitch’s technique, she ain’t got no panties on, oh
Ain’t from the struggle, I ain’t really understanding y’all
Used to hit the corner store and run out with a candy bar
Now a nigga richer than an owner and a manager
They like, “Glizzy, why you don’t fuck with the cameras?”