Ryan De La Cruz – Syko (Video)

Ryan De La Cruz

Watch Ryan De La Cruz New Video “Syko”

To kick-start the campaign, a new mixtape is on the way. SY > KO not only comes as an audible song but provides a fire conceptual visual. Syko is certainly heavy, it’s fiery…it’s grimey yet still melodic. Super Fast paced flows combined with smooth backings…a new formula you’ll hear throughout the new project… attached are  links to the song & video…have a good listen and watch when you get the chance ;

Syko is a lifestyle! Syko is a state of mind. We all get crazy together and for this purpose.. it’s totally ok! The message behind the song is a straight forward … put your money where your mouth is and do whatever it takes  to get to the hustle. We’re back with the bells so the creepy nursery bells are all part of the experience so Go crazy … Go Syko while doing it! Life’s more fun that way…

Staying true to self and knowing who you are is important. Syko is the kind of track that make you wanna dance now and think about it later.. Something Ryan tends to do a lot with songs  is to play on the contrast of feel & concept. The tone of the tracks are  energy savvy… but on the lyrical note bears deep substance, a true lyricist and songwriter at heart.