NLE Choppa – Blocc Is Hot (Video)

NLE Choppa Blocc Is Hot

NLE Choppa Knows The “Blocc Is Hot”

As the weather gets hotter and streets get crazy, NLE Choppa comes through with the”Blocc Is Hot” visual.

The Memphis rapper goes with a slight ode to the Hot Boyz by taking the title of the most famous song made back in the 90’s. This time he brings out the hood to enjoy the moment and show love. As of lately NLE has been doing a lot of work with Birdman and Juvenile, a former Hot Boyz member as well in various videos such as “Dreams

Watch the brand new video “Blocc Is Hot”.


All of this story, hurry up and buy
Uh, hahaha
Choppa, nigga, hell nah
Baby Mexico shit, nigga, you hear me?
NLE, top shottas, nigga, you hear me? Yeah
ATLJacob, ATLJacob
Yeah, bitch, bitch, bitch
Bitch, bitch, bitch
Grr, bitch, bitch, grr, grr
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]
Just like a landlord nigga, I’ll pull up where you’re stayin’
Send some shots right through that house, in the same place you layin’
It ain’t shit to put a bag up on your head , I’ll pay it
You keep on dissin’ on my name, but I’ma make that niggas say less
We ride four deep, cruisin’ in a brand new coupe today
Draco in the backseat, when we see that nigga, boost the murder rate
Pussy bitch, I love beef, put it on my plate and stuff it in my face

Ah, the block is hot, it’s on fire
Ah, I’m with the shit just like a diaper
Ah, I’ma light ’em up just like a lighter
Ah, I got a lot of guns, I’m not a fighter
Ah, just like a hunter, keep a rifle

I might pull up in your neighborhood, get to shakin’, ain’t no hesitation
Off the lean, so a nigga movin’ like I’m in the Matrix
Put a nigga in a casket, have him dressin’ out in Stacy’s
Now he six feet deep, put him on vacation
Bitch, I’m boppin’ on the scene with my Glock up on my hip
I saw my oppostion lackin’, so I dumped the whole clip
Them RIP bullets hit him, through his body, they gon’ rip
My Blood niggas screamin’ “Slatt”, but my Hoovers screamin’ “Crip”