Nike Air Max 97 Grab That “Nintendo 64” Vibe

Nike Air Max 97 Nintendo 64
Nike Air Max 97 Nintendo 64

Nike continues to use the Air Max 97 as a canvas for a great inspiration. This time they take us way back and bring forth a nostalgic feeling with the Nike Air Max 97 “Nintendo 64”.

The team at Nike look to join the sneaker and gaming community into one and please both with an Air Max 97 that is inspired by the iconic Nintendo 64 gaming system. If you do not have previous history with the gaming system, it is looked at by the gaming community as the console that started it all. Coincidentally the Nike Air Max 97 made it’s debut a year later after the Nintendo 64, so the collaboration overall is a blast to the past.

Going back in time to peak ’90s era, the Air Max 97 takes on a light grey mesh upper and leather overlays, a nod to the Gaming consoles controller. And what’s a controller without buttons? Red, Green, and Blue cover the model on the accents representing the notable themed colors of both the buttons and the Nintendo 64 logo. 

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