Mr. Vegas – Te Amo (Video)

Mr. Vegas Te Amo

Reggae legend Mr.Vegas Delivers “Te Amo”Visual

Dancehall must continue to thank a legend as Mr.Vegas along side many others contributing towards the culture and love for Jamaica. Delivering the brand new video “Te Amo”.

Mr. Vegas takes it to the country side to show gather his people to show more love to each other and party like it’s no tomorrow. No crime and violence must cease and enjoy the vibes of the music from sun up until sun down.

Watch the brand new video and check out the lyrics as well below

Jamaicans, remember we are one, Africa wi come from Nuh badda let crime and violence Come mash up wi island All skankas, cheerleaders All dancers

Jamaica, we party we raving tonight Come watch yah nuh, The dancers dem feeling the vibes Nuh matter what Wi nah lef yah Jamaica we love you We love you

Do the dance name te amo Come dance fi mi nuh Jamaica te amo Everybody dance fi mi nuh Everybody congrats fi mi nuh Congrats fi mi nuh Overload, congrats fi mi nuh Everybody dance fi mi nuh

Yuh cyan stand up when the raving Start up start up Yuh nuh see seh our thing gone up gone up The dancers dem a roll up This yah party nuh cold up

Oh the part tun up If yuh a deal with crime-oh Well we ago find you Dance and party put the bad vibes behind you Oh oh oh, Jamaica we love you We love you