Mariah Carey – A No No (Video)

Mariah Carey A No No

Mariah Carey Shines Bright In “A No No”

R&B songstress Mariah Carey finally slides through with the new video “A No No”.

The hit single that appears off the Caution album, takes us through the subway over the Junior Mafia “Crush On You”. Delivering not just the R&B world but the trueness of hip hop in the New York way.

This video comes right on time as we celebrate Bed-Sty’s own Notorious B.I.G. for the weekend. And during a strong Women’s History Month, noting the many years Mariah has belted out hit singles for more than two decades.

Check out the lyrics below and the video

I ain’t even mad, no not like before
Off with your head, now slither out the door
Snakes in the grass it’s time to cut the lawn
Answers the hands a.k.a I cut you offNo
You ain’t gonna lie to my face no more
Hit me with “I’m sorry” but I’m sorry, no
Na na na na na na na na na na
Get me Ed Shapiro on the phone, case closed (chuck it)You shoulda’ known that it’s bigger than you
You’ll never know what I already knew
After everything I already been through
I can’t waste no time, pay no atention to youI said no
No no no, a no no
No no, that’s a no no
No no, I said no no
No noYou came so close
You just don’t know
Irregardless of what transpired
It ain’t even worthy of a slick reply
Even if I was the last woman alive
I would…