Lil Baby Shares “Global” Video

Lil Baby Global

Lil Baby Touches Street Gossip Album

Lil Baby going “Global” has been a long time in the making.From the Atlanta streets and not given much of a push until signing to Quality Control.

Now being one of the hottest artists in the country and outside, Baby shares his experiences being on the road with fans, on stage and even enjoying the personal time as well.

Visiting the “Street Gossip” album being the latest album back in November, he thrives on staying on top along side his family the Migos and Lil Yachty.

In March, he will be on the New Generation tour along side a few of his label mates , City Girls, Jordan Hollywood and friend Marlo. Also including Blueface and Aylo Rodriguez plus 42 Dugg.

Watch the new video from Lil Baby “Global” below

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