Kawhi Leonard And New Balance Release “Championship Pack”

Kawhi and New Balance

New Balance put all they had into creating a partnership with Kawhi Leonard. Now as Kawhi has created a huge name for himself this year, the work has paid off for both. Now they look to release a Kawhi x New Balance “Championship Pack” that consists of a 990 and 997.

Kawhi has been quietly putting in work for quite a few NBA seasons, but this year his fame took off. Being shipped off to Toronto in a blockbuster trade, no one knew he would have this huge of an impact on the team. After the trade, a viral video appeared on the internet that took the NBA star to levels of fame he never knew was possible. Then in a whirlwind of events, it was announced that he was leaving Nike for New Balance, yes you read that correctly New Balance. The brand is something you don’t even associate with basketball players in a partnership but each other was just what both of them needed. With the viral memes, the newly announced partnership with New Balance, people began paying attention to his game like never before and he showed to everyone that he was a high-caliber player that could lead a team to a championship trophy.

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