Katchafire Releases The New Visual “Fyah In The Trenches”


Few days ago Katchafire released a small documentary of their travels on tour, giving the people good, solid reggae. Today (Jan 24), the New Zealand band debuted the brand new video “Fyah In The Trenches“.

“Fyah In The Trenches” takes us right over the mountains in Hawaii, giving that tropical vibe to match their sound of grass roots reggae. With some scenes capture in California as well, the state of conscious music is very authentic for the heart and soul from the band.

As seen many clips of the fans enjoying a Katchafire concert wanting more and more of the joyful sound.

Make sure to go check out their 5th album Legacy to not only listen to “Fyah In The Trenches” yet all the other vibing tunes that the entire band created for the world.

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