K Camp – Hoola Hoop (Video)

K Camp

K Camp Shares Hoola Hoop Off Rare Sound

Atlanta’s own K CAMP delivers the brand new video “Hoola Hoop” off the Rare Sound project featuring True Story Gee and Lil Durk.

The Brume-directed video starts off showing us that Camp still has the juice off knocking down hit singles and your girl all at once. Now moving with out a label and taing the 427 imprint to EMPIRE, the ATL artist is on the move since releasing “Body A Canvas” and “Switch” as latest visuals.

Tapping True Story Gee and Lil Durk also getting some of the juice in their system as they stand on their own as well. Look forward towards seeing K Camp hit the stage this spring and summer on tours and festivals.Check out the visual above and peep the lyrics below

[Intro: K Camp]
RARE Sound
XL Eagle made it

[Chorus: K Camp]
Wrist hootie-hoo (Hoo), neck fully too (Fully)
Coupe Scooby Doo (Hurr), that ho just a swoop (Swoop)
Truck Dually too (Truck), rings hula hoop (Hoop)
You out the loop (Out), you scared to shoot (Shoot)
I’m ’bout that loot (Yes), I’m with my troops (Yes)
I got the juice (Yes), I feel like Zeus (Yes)
I will not snooze (I), bought some brand new jewels (Jewels)
I got shit to do (Do), I got shit to lose (Lose)

[Verse 1: K Camp]
I got shit to lose (I), I got shit to prove (I)
You know you ain’t gang (Gang), I do not approve (No)
I done paid these dues (Dues), water on my jewels (Water)
Partner bangin’ red (Suwoop), partner bangin’ blue (My foo)
Bob the Builder tools (Yes), never lost my groove (Yes)
All these hundreds blue (Yes), she want Jimmy Choos (Yes)
I will not snooze (I), I want them nudes (I)
I need my check (I), I won’t refuse (I)