Jesse McCartney Gets “Wasted” In New Video

Jesse McCartney

Only Jesse McCartney could pull this one off in the brand new video “Wasted“.

Starting off the video just as a 1970’s soap opera, in example of The Young And The Restless, we find McCartney with a flamboyant hair style, living off the coast in the big double wide doored mansion. We then see Katie Peterson step through them doors, posing just as all women do in soap operas. claiming she’s not the person he thought she was from start.

As the Jason Lester-directed video goes on into a major soap opera theatric mood, in comes the rough rider and a few more characters through out the video fighting for the woman’s attention yet she only likes to come around when its convenient for her benefits.

Video gets insanely crazy with it’s 1970s and 80’s scenery replicating the wild soap operas your parents and grand parents waited to watch daily. Check out the new video below.

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