Diggy Simmons feat. Levan Kali- Text Me (Video)

Diggy Simmons Text Me

Diggy Simmons Comes Smooth In “Text Me” Video

Diggy Simmons returns with the brand new visual “Text Me” featuring Levan Kali.

Diggy takes matters of letting the emotions come out towards a young lady he digs quite much and would do whatever to show her his stance from jump. With the ability of bringing forth the lyrics and the compassionate side along side Levan Kali relaxes the mind and heart.

This is looking to be a summer move for young Simmons coming off the upcoming project “Lighten Up”. Video follows up the strong visual for “Anchors“.

Check out the new video and lyrics below

I got too much to lose to be sketchy
And if I yield be my shield and protect me
All I need is you alone, I do my own dirty work
Meet me and get ready for something new
December 31st
Mentally, spiritually, subsequently sexually
“Here’s my number hit me with a text”
Is what you said to me
I gave you mine and said to do the same
It’s a shame how we gotta play these petty little games
I’m just hoping that you…

[Diggy & Leven Kali:]
Text me…
Yeah baby this Diggy in your DM
Maybe one day you can be my bm
But right now just…
Text me…
Yeah, I know you staying at home still
I can do your parents a favor and pay your phone bill
Yea, two thumbs that’s my type
Press send, change your life
Like oh oh oh
Please don’t take your time
Don’t make me wait too long

Second week of August you be on the Vineyard
Parents got money but you ain’t no big spender
Rather be out fighting for your people and your gender
I’m just seeing if I could fit into the agenda
Earthy girl, you be out at AfroPunk
With your crew drunk dancing, with that ass all plump
Saying that I know I press my luck
But I ain’t trying to impress to fuck
That’s more stress for what