Dax Unleashes In “No Government” Freestyle Video

Dax No Government Video

Dax With No Government Policy

Dax is back with No Government Freestyle ! The highly,talented emcee comes through with his take on all the shenanigans going on with the goverment with both parties.

Let’s talk about hip hop at it’s finest as Dax takes on Nas’ “Nas Is Like” beat and rips it from start to finish. The police officer gives him a choice, either the bible or the gun, which to really trust as we then see him trash the bible after learning the true facts in school. From there Ottawa emcee touches on various topics and fuels to feed minds.

“No Government” is right on schedule with today’s events. Knowing that this is the longest shut down in American history. Not only does the fault stain Donald Trump’s name it also is Congress issue as well, no matter Democrat or Republican.

Talk about being woke in this video. Watch here as you can enjoy watching other videos he’s released as his stardom continues to rise.

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