DaBaby – Pony (Video)

DaBaby Pony

DaBaby Portrays A Kingpin In “Pony” Video

It’s been a while since we’ve seen some as DaBaby get quite creative in music videos, with adding silliness in them and delivers the fresh visual for “Pony“.

In ways the Charlotte rapper takes a page out of Scarface in the new video and goes all out in his villa. Of course with the release of “Baby On Baby” having its great run currently, he continues to tour city to city even along side with 21 Savage on the I Am> I Was Tour despite the video footage of what took place between his security and a fan.

Watch the new video “Pony”.

Lyrics Below:

Pyrex whippin’
Uh-huhIt feel good thumbin’ through the backend, don’t it?
Ain’t have to make a play in three months
Gave the plug to my brother in the trap, still rollin’ (Let’s go)
All my hoes freaks, yeah she ride D
Yeah, like a goddamn pony (Yeah, yeah)
Steady runnin’ to the money, don’t stop, green light
Yeah, nigga, keep goddamn goin’ (Vroom)
And you already goddamn know itNeed to pull up my Pamper, my shirt down
I make what they make in three months for a verse now (Yeah)
I can take the backend from the show
Put some bread on your head
Get you muhfuckin’ murked now (Uh-huh)
Got the work so mad ho like to blow up my phone (Brrt, brrt, brrt)
Leave me ‘lone, bitch you dead, I’m at work now (Ha)
Got the streets’ hottest youngin’
That stunta the one got your baby daddy poppin’ Percs now (Four times)
He say he need some more stamina (Uh-huh)
His bitch fuckin’ with me, he can’t handle her (Yee)
I only had that car for three months
And I sold like 300 Ps in my Challenger (No cap)
Wanna be BDB Ent, he need help with his music
He need me to manage him (Uh-uh)
We booked up, let me check if we busy (Uh)
Your ho like how we dress, we get jiggy
I’m not with all the talkin’, I’m with it
Leave a mark on your ho, send her home with a hickey (Uh-huh)
Fucked around and went home smellin’ like your lil main ho perfume
My BM tried to kill me (Damn)
God forbid that lil boy play with me
Have your whole family dressed up in black like a pilgrim (Uh-huh)
Yeah, my prices went up
Your promoter was playin, but now, bitch, we back in the building