Ciara – Greatest Love (Video)

Ciara Greatest Love

Ciara Shares The Greatest Love All About Russell Wilson

It’s no secret of how the Atlanta singer is definitely still in love. Today, Ciara shares the “Greatest Love” video to the world, telling how she truly loves her husband Russell Wilson.

Still knocking down the sexy dance moves as almost a private tease show for Russell in many ways, she knocks it down in perfection lyrically of the feelings she has since the first time meeting and being around each other. Mentioning how Russell took in her son as his own and so much more to uplift her in every which way.

Ciara Wilson of courses was previously engaged to Atlanta rap star Future where it didn’t last due to the infidelities across the board and various issues surrounding the toxic relationship.

Looking to get back on top again, the Atlanta singer does it right with this one heading into a new album coming soon. Watch the video and check out the emotions even in the moves.