Bodega and New Balance 997s Collaboration

New Balance 997

Check Out New Balance 997 Kicks

New Balance 997 is taking sneaker aficionados by storm. First released last year, the reworked classic is now making the rounds amongst New Balance’s best collaborators, landing in the hands of Bodega this month for a colorful new look.

New Balance’s 997 has long been considered one of the most comfortable and versatile sneakers of all time, which should come as no surprise given the brand’s history. Designed by legendary footwear designer Steven Smith, known for his work with just about every major brand under the sun, the New Balance 997 is considered a masterpiece in vintage sneaker design due to its sleek and angular stance as well as the bulky sole height. Since the 997’s debut almost 30 years ago, the silhouette has evolved, taking on multiple new forms, like the 997s, which was first introduced last year. HipHopXclusives

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