Ariana Grande – break up with your girlfriend,i’m bored (Video)

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Delivers A Twist In Video

Ariana Grande doesn’t keep anything hidden with the brand new video “break up with your girlfriend,i’m bored”.

Ariana is found chilling in the club and sees a young man that catches her eyes just as he returns the favor of viewing her from afar. She then walks over to them once on the dancefloor to get an even closer look at the girlfriend.

Later within the video Grande is invited to a house party,hugging the girlfriend and still eyeballing the guy. Walking not far behind, she rolls her eyes to look elsewhere as the girlfriend peeps the follow. Once everyone is clear, its just them three and instead of going for the guy, he’s shocked them two were seducing each other the whole time.

As of lately Grande has been on Twitter lately responding on her latest action of pulling out of the Grammys due to stage production failure. Yet people from the Grammys gave their false reason on why she wouldn’t be there and she let loose on social media the truth.

To add, she’s been in discussion of clearing up any rumors between herself and Nicki Minaj. And going back to her “7 Rings” video where fans were getting on her about stealing 2 Chainz idea, Nicki’s flow and of course Soulja Boy wanted to intervene since his buzz has manufactured the comeback of the year so far.